Michael Bird jumps into the Fray: the Trinity Debate (Part 2)

This is the second post on theLAB featuring Michael Bird’s take on the recent Trinity controversy. Be sure to watch Part 1 and also see the Logos Talk Blog posts with perspectives from Peter Leithart and Wayne Grudem

Michael Bird has a way of getting himself into really dangerous situations. This despite the fact that he stopped jumping out of airplanes (with an M-60 machine gun strapped to his back) some years ago.

Bird and his little friend

Today, Mike’s battles are theological. We saw in a previous post that Mike played a major role recently in a debate over the most difficult doctrine of all; the nature of the Trinity. 

In this second video, Mike presents his position on the debate as an egalitarian, concerned for the future of the church and for a right understanding of a very challenging yet cornerstone doctrine. He exhibits a visible consternation for how the debate has played out, especially amongst complementarian theologians.

This debate is critical for the health, ministry, and identity of the church. Mike Bird presents a thoroughly measured and biblical approach, typically seasoned with his inimitable sense of humor. Check it out:


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